Fernanda Pignataro

Accuracy above all else.

Translating medical and pharmaceutical content for over two decades


my work

Medicine and pharmaceutical content account for almost all my work. My clients are usually national and international pharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations (CROs) or translation agencies specialized in medicine and pharmaceuticals.

Usual documents I translate are, for example:

As a certified translator in Argentina, I can also sign and stamp translations to certify that the translated text is a true and accurate translation of the source document. For example, if you need to translate any type of legal documents, namely, power of attorney, passports, contracts, etc., my signature and stamp can be certified by the official Translators Association in Buenos Aires.


My translation

First translation

I perform the initial conversion of the text into the target language.


I review the translation carefully, comparing each sentence against the source text to avoid any omissions or substantial errors.

Direct reading

Finally, I read the translation directly, as if I were the document recipient, to make sure the text reads natural and that the layout looks nice.

About me

Certified English to Spanish translator

With over 20 years of experience in medical and pharmaceutical documents, I provide accurate, reliable translations for all my clients in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry: CROs, national and international laboratories, international translation agencies. ​

In the medical and pharmaceutical industry, even a slight mistranslation may result in health and/or legal consequences, which is frequently overlooked. It is essential to understand the content of the document for translation and this is something I am totally prepared and qualified to offer. With every translation project I receive, my business is to make you happy with the results and I always put my heart into it.


The estimated cost of a translation it is usually estimated based on the number of words of the source document; however, I will take into account the complexity of the document content and the format. For example, if the document is an uneditable PDF, my services will probably be more expensive.

Almost all medical and pharmaceutical documents are confidential. You can be assured that I will sign and respect any confidentiality agreements you may need. My professional signature is supported by the official Translators Association in Buenos Aires (www.traductores.org), in which I am registered as a certified translation professional.

As a reference, it takes me about one working day per 2,000 to 2,500 words to complete a translation. Be sure that once we agree on a deadline, I will always respect it.


If you need a cost estimate or further information, please, fill in the following contact form.